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Video shoot for "Countdown to Ascension"!
TheMightyOne 2012 SHiFT Tour
TheMightyOne tours Texas!


TheMightyOne is a Alternative, Rock band and looking for A Recording Deal


"Spirituality is not religion. I have created a new genre of rock n' roll.....Conscious Rock" A few years ago Tim Steinruck (creator and lead vocalist) finally shed the last of the "Fire and Brimstone" fear mechanisms that were part of his rural and idyllic Mennonite upbringing, and emerged victoriously as TheMightyOne. The career path to this breakthrough has included many successes including a management, development, and speculative multimillion dollar record deal, with Paul Stanley of Kiss and the then Polygram records. With unwavering relentless determination Tim has moved confidently forward; a creative driving force within each of his projects, while maintaining a steely work ethic and a willingness to learn from each lesson and decision…..negative or positive. "I am the sum of my experiences. I feel fortunate to have been able to turn the most painful experiences of my life into my most powerfully positive musical creations" In 2008 Tim released "TheMightyOne" LP with assistance of producers and mixers Devin Townsend (Steve Vai, Lamb of God) and Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, AC/DC). The album charted #3 at North American college radio and the single "Reprieved" received generous plays at Canadian Active Rock. The video was added at Much Music and Aux TV and continues to receive modest rotation. The second single "Back To You" was also greeted warmly at radio and enjoyed worldwide exposure at Canadian Forces Radio. The debut album garnered licensing placements at MTV, Fox Sports and The Discovery Network. In 2010 formed a live band that includes drummer Bob Wagner (Econoline Crush, City Of Fire), bassist Chris Campbell (June, God Awakens Petrified) and guitarist Lorne Seaton, who has been a powerful part of many of Tim's creative visions in the last decade. The band has graced many of Vancouver's finest stages including performances at the P.N.E Forum and have showcased at The Red Gorilla Festival as part of SXSW and a southern U.S. tour. Recently they embarked on a Canada wide press and radio tour and showcased at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. They also performed an acoustic set for Slacker Radio and were interviewed by North American radio personality Alan Cross. In a live setting Tim's 7 string guitar, aggressive theatrical delivery and the band's thick mountain of sound, topped by stunningly lush harmonies, create an epic musical landscape and experience worthy of comparison to their founding fathers Van Halen and Def Leppard and modern equivalents Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin . In February 2012 TheMightyOne released the album "SHiFT" with the guidance of producer and mixer Dean Maher (Slayer, Hedley). The first single "Waiting For You" has received exposure at Canadian Active Rock radio and is featured on the NHL Network. The animated video is in rotation at Aux TV and provides the visual foundation and message behind Tim's unique view on spirituality and the "SHiFT". As with "Reprieved" and "Back To You"; alternate versions of "Waiting For You" have been recorded in German and French to reflect TheMightyone's universal intentions.

Band Members

Tim Steinruck..........................vocals, guitar
Bob Wagner............................drums
Lorne Seaton...........................guitar
Chris Campbell.......................bass

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MindilBeachMarkets wrote Jun 09/11
Good luck winning the wild card spot!

Mindil Beach Markets' live performance in the Fox Seeds Competition is at The Roxy 9:30 pm Friday, June 17th. The first 100 people through the door after 8:30 pm will receive our debut album - FREE! Check us out at

The top 20 performance schedule is posted at

Free tickets for all shows here

22ndCentury wrote Jun 06/10
THanks Tim! We're playing on the 17th at the Cellar. I can leave a couple of comps at the door if you want. I am loving your music too. We have to do a show together some day soon.

themightyonemusic wrote to seangarrett Jun 05/10
Classy music Shaun!

themightyonemusic wrote to 22ndCentury Jun 05/10
Love what you boys are doing. The songs and and production kick ass!

Pentacaust wrote Jun 05/10
Got Metal? We Do! Check us out. Toss us a vote maybe? Or maybe tell us what you think! Thanks!
-Nyck and Pentacaust

MrMojoRisin wrote May 24/10
Good Work, I bet you guys would like the band Gemini Side!

22ndCentury wrote May 23/10
TIM!!! Good to see your still rocking. We played NY last week but missed Benhole. Where's Tony Melizza. Ponoka anyone? Ch ch chin slapping!!!

tenways wrote May 23/10
Yesss! The MIGHTY one! tM1!! Saw that "Reprieved" video... looks -awesome-

themightyonemusic wrote to tenways May 22/10
Fantastic tunes....Amazing band! Love these guys.

Skard_Music wrote May 21/10
Good Luck!

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