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The Bloody Five

The Bloody Five is a band and looking for listeners:


Formed in 2009, The Bloody Five are 70’s 80’s and 90’s babies with a mutual passion for creating music and building on each other’s imagination. The band’s multi-generational make-up and fusion of relative influences drive their mission to brew a magical mystery potion for the ears. Guitarist, Tomi Fear and Vocalist, KD were inspired to write tunes while jamming in Claremont, Ontario with “The Vinyl Knights”, a blues brotherhood . Jay Appleby replaced Chris Hau on bass perpetuating the raw energy for which the band is known. Robby “Raw Beats” Sedran rounds out the band with his uncanny ability to define the groove using innovative fills and his double bass pedal. He speaks softly but carries powerful sticks. In 2010, The Bloody Five released their first EP, Bedroom Music, produced by Derek Hoffman (Brighter Brightest- Much Discovered), which was well received by fans and given positive reviews. The band worked hard to manage and promote itself and collaborate with different people also yearning to express their artistic passion in different ways. In 2011, the band once more teamed up with Derek Hoffman to produce a full length album. They were also fortunate to receive studio support from Brian Moncarz (The Darcys) and Joao Carvalho (Sloan). Meanwhile, the band continued touring around southern Ontario with showcases at Canadian Music Week, North by North East, Indie Week, and the Y108 Spring Music Festival. In October 2011, Track 10–Never Again was included in the Rock Band 3 video game. Early in 2012 with the support of Autoshare, The Bloody Five released an album single, their rendition of The Demics classic, (I Wanna Go To) New York City. The song garnered attention on Y108 (Hamilton),,, FM96 (London), MuchMusic (including a profile on MuchMore’s Matt Tracks), and AUXTV. The momentum continued to rise as the song and its unique video have been praised by music journalists and placed on rotation on several college radio stations throughout Canada, even charting on Mohawk College’s INDI101. Songs from the album were given pre-release commercial airplay when The Bloody Five were the featured Band of the Month on FM96 (London), Y108 (Hamilton) and 102.1 The Edge (Toronto). August, 2012 marked the release of the band’s first full length album, “Unreleased 2012? which features the album cover artwork of RUNT, the artist who paints the mural on the front wall of Lee’s Palace, Toronto. The album is now available on iTunes and select CD stores in the Toronto area. It has continued to make an impact on college radio stations throughout Canada, even charting on Mohawk College’s INDI101 and Brock University’s CFBU-FM. In October 2012, songs from the album were featured on 94.9 The Rock (Oshawa) Indie at 8. Already garnering overwhelmingly positive attention from longtime fans and critics alike, the album marks a new chapter as the band makes their impact felt on the global rock scene. The Bloody Five is: Tomi Fear – Guitar KD – Vocals, Keyboard Raw Beats Sedran – Drums Jay Appleby – Bass

Band Members

KD - Vox, Keyboards
Tomi Fear - Guitar
Jay Appleby - Bass
Raw Beats Sedran - Drums

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SEANZ1 wrote Mar 30/13
so much spam

thebloodyfive wrote to CroweTunes May 06/12
See you guys on Friday!

districtdown wrote Mar 07/12 (via Social Radio)
thanks for the shout out!

thebloodyfive wrote to districtdown Mar 07/12 (via Social Radio)
You guys f'n rock! Way to go on HTZ-FM and hope you go all the way! We love Break the Shell!

districtdown wrote Mar 07/12
Hey Boys!.......
Well good news, we made it into 97.7 hitz fm rock search top 25 bands.

Please do us a huge favor, head on over to
and vote for us!!!(or click above on the districtdown, and you only have a week)
It would mean the world to us...
Thanks in Advance

thebloodyfive wrote to IreneWong Mar 03/12 (via Social Radio)
Hey Irene! How have you been? Seen any good shows at The Mansion in Kingston lately? : )

Brodway wrote Dec 04/11
hey love your songs....could u check out my page and listen to my music to.


thebloodyfive wrote to tboyco79 Nov 01/11
Thanks Tyler! Appreciate that! We love how Jacob reinvented the tunes!

tboyco79 wrote Nov 01/11
Awesome stuff guys! My friend Jacob (Basement Love) got me into yeahs with his remixes. Keep on kickin' ass.


thebloodyfive wrote Sep 29/11
Thanks Brian Moncarz for the terrific mixing job with (I Wanna Go to) New York City! Next, Joao Carvalho does his mastering thing!

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