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Band Wars 2009
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Pyramidium is a Metal, Metal, Metal band from Lockport, NY


In the spring of 2008, two new friends, Nate Harris and Dan Covey, came together to collaborate on creating a version of a song that they thought would be perfect for metal, Phantom of the Opera. After a few practice sessions, Nate brought in guitarist Dan Sontag and bassist Chris Sposito and they finished an instrumental version of the song. After coming together to play their schools talent show, they decided to form as a true band and chose the name Pyramidium. During the summer of the same year Pyramidium began writing their first songs, each one getting more and more complicated than the one before as their individual influences came to the surface. While summer came to an end they started playing small clubs around Buffalo as an instrumental band, but soon implemented vocals into their set. Stepping into the studio for the first time, they recorded their debut album Alternate Reality Machine from the winter of 2008 into early 2009 with Doug Griffith of Calamity from the Skies. After completing most of the album, they decided to bring in a female singer to add yet another dimension to their unique music. The process of finding the right singer took a few months but was worth the wait and the album was finally complete as singer Jessica Stewart added her beautiful voice to the tracks, contrasting the harsh vocals of Nate and Covey. With recording finally done, Pyramidium was able to play more and more shows around Buffalo, including a recent show with the grisly MUSHROOMHEAD, while gaining some recognition and fans. Around this time, Jessica joined the line up as a full-time member and also handled live keys. Pyramidium is currently playing paid shows around Buffalo at venues such as The Tralf and The Town Ballroom while they prepare new material for the recording of their next work this summer, which will be darker, grimmer, and more majestic. Pyramidium is currently seeking a record label. If you didn't already know our debut album is out and online at tons of distributors like cdbaby, itunes, Last FM, Spotify, Lala, Shockhound, and All you need to do is search pyramidium. The easiest way to buy is to go to You can choose the physical copy for $10 or get the mp3s for $8. (on cdbaby) Help support the emerging metal force that is pyramidium, and enjoy listening to some very unique metal music. Get your copy today. Also check out pyramidiums official myspace and website.

Band Members

Dan Covey- Vocals, Keys, and Drums
Jessica Stewart- Female Vocals
Chris Sposito- Bass
Nate Harris- Guitar, Keys, and Vocals
Dan Sontag- Guitar


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LATEST ALBUMS   Cover , Logo , the band

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Drohan wrote May 17/10
Hi this is Jeremy Butler, the former bass player of Simian Special. As you probably know that band has called it quits.
Now I am rocking my socks off with DROHAN, a new powerhouse out of Vancouver. Please come check out our page, and if you like our sound vote for us daily to win the CFOX SEEDS contest!

Alloyed wrote Jun 03/09
Thanks for your support!

Good stuff.


pyramidium-1 wrote to cav_ Jun 01/09
hey its dan. Whats up?

Not sure if you are still on here, but if your interested in buying my bands album you can get it at

You can either get the physical cd with jewel case or the mp3s.

Also well be working on an ep this summer.

hopefully ill see you sometime

pyramidium-1 wrote to Steve-Mo Jun 01/09
hey, were not sure if you are still on here, but if your interested in buying our album you can get it at

You can either get the physical cd with jewel case or the mp3s.

thanks and have a great day

cav_ wrote Jan 16/09
woo hoo! thanks! im 2nd on the top!! haha <3

pyramidium-1 wrote to Steve-Mo Dec 28/08
thanks man. we just put another song up, check it out !!

Steve-Mo wrote Dec 16/08
Very impressive, I was at the battle a few days ago and was impressed. I'm awaiting the release this winter. Keep up the good work.

TheKidsWantTechno wrote Dec 16/08
Sup bros lol your gonna win wild cardvoting the prize is a 1000 stickers XD

cav_ wrote Dec 14/08
you guys rock! can't wait to see you guys in concert soon. x]if you need any help with someone who's dedicated in promoting,i'm more than willing x]ask Dan, im great :P<3cav

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