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Iman Electric

Iman Electric is a Rock, Punk, Indie band from Winnipeg, MB


Iman Electric was born in spring of 2010. When Mac answered a kijiji add for a frontman posted by Mark, Alex and J.R.. Although they have been together for less than a year the boys have already endured some ups and downs. From the excitement of their first show at Dylan's on Portage with the drunk crazy inappropriate blues guy who kept yelling random stuff, to the show ending arrival of the police at a Morden house party where the boys were busting out a set the boys have been playing loud and fast no matter what obstacles lie in their way. This year has started out strong for the the boys. It began on a winning note at the first round of the mybandrocks competition and after a handful of other shows the boys are getting ready for the semifinals. The finishing touches are also being put on a e.p. which will be featuring some of their heavier and socially conscious originals and should be ready for the unsuspecting public in the next few months.

Band Members

Alex Henry - Drums
J.R. (a.k. Johnny Butane) Boutang - Lead Guitar
Mac Thiessen - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Mark Pomeranski - Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals


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imanelectric wrote to themedigurus Apr 19/11
nice tunes... boys. How did you guys do your recordings?

imanelectric wrote to Graham-Robertson Apr 08/11
hey, thanks for the add. Nice tunes.

imanelectric wrote to HelmzDeep Apr 08/11
hey, thanks for the add. nice tunes.

imanelectric wrote to spacetrannys Apr 06/11
hmmm... well, I'm working on setting up somethings for may, but its all always very complicated to convince people to let a unknown band make noise for an hour in their business establishment... why don't we do a little tit for tat? perhaps I'll set up a Winnipeg Iman/Spacetrannys night and then you get a little winkler Spacetrannys/Iman night going and we'll put on some rock shows? I'll figure out a venue for Winnipeg and you get one going for Morden... they don't need to be in april or may or anything... but sometime before the snow falls again. Hell even Brandon... I've got family and friends in Brandon and it would be fun to take the boys on a road trip.

spacetrannys wrote Apr 05/11
Thanks for the pledge of secrecy. We wouldn't want to hurt their feelings....hopefully they don't stumble over here... and hopefully they don't know how to read.

But Hmmm good places to play? It depends. We've played at a Plum Coulee bar a few times, and we played at a social put on by the Winkler bar, but neither of those bars book a large amount of live music. We've got some shows coming up in Morden that are being put on by the peope who run Morden Folk Fest. There's a couple bars in Morden too, where bands have played, but we haven't... So there are some opportunities, but you can't play constantly around here.

We've been trying to get gigs in Winnipeg actually, we've called around and emailed but haven't had any luck. Are there any places out there where an unknown band will get a chance to play? Or how does one do it? Is there genital touching involved? Any tips on this would be much appreciated.

imanelectric wrote to spacetrannys Apr 05/11
hahahaha... don't worry, I wont tell the other bands on here... any good places to play in the Winkler-Morden area? we have a fondness for Morden... we played our first house party there. the cops came, it was sweet.

spacetrannys wrote Apr 04/11
Thanks sir. I like your song as well. Probably the first band I've checked out on here that I can honestly say that to.

imanelectric wrote to spacetrannys Apr 03/11
nice tunes... from winkler no less. outstanding.

imanelectric wrote to LauraBanilbo Apr 03/11
hey... thanks for being our friend... come and watch us at the Henderson Draft House on the 28th. we'll dedicate a song to you...

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