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Full Tipped Sleeve is a Rock, Alternative, Pop band from Ottawa, ON and looking for A Recording Deal
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Get Your GROOVE on @ the Brass Monkey this Friday!
POSTED ON Oct 04/12 | 1058 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Maple Moose & the Beaver Patrol -  yah, that's right, Rusty Proof Bottom & us, Full Tipped Sleeve are playing the Brass Monkey again - this is a great bar in the basement - great club feel but comfortable too with lots of tables, pool, .....
Mavericks (221 Rideau) tomorrow, Sat., June 25th @
POSTED ON Jun 24/11 | 1123 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
9pm - short but super sweet & kicking it old school!  we got moves - we got tunes we got our new 9 song CD - all we need is YOU!! message us for tickets $12/if you prefer at the door.
Just posted our new song & video on youtube
POSTED ON Jun 01/11 | 2535 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS hope you like it - if you do, pls. vote for us @  thanks so much, Hannah, Charles, Owen, Joe & Sean
Ottawa Folklore Centre in Ottawa wrote this ....
POSTED ON May 11/11 | 624 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS thanks for the press guys - really appreciate it!
News article about Full Tipped Sleeve . . .
POSTED ON Apr 07/11 | 475 VIEWS | 2 COMMENTS
the Rockpile in TO on April 8th - so excited! also
POSTED ON Mar 28/11 | 489 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
please give a couple of our new covers a listen to Jar of Hearts and Give me Sympathy home recordings and 1st time trying these - missing 2 band members, but ...
POSTED ON Feb 28/11 | 493 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Thanks to all who voted.  Please vote again, we need your help!!
Thanks for your help!!
POSTED ON Feb 26/11 | 501 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Thanks to everyone who came to see us play last night - we had a great show even though we were on 1st.  Loved the crowd reations to our music!! Really nice to see the other bands rockin' out too. We'd really love your vote http://www....
We're playing Capital Music Hall tomorrow!!
POSTED ON Feb 24/11 | 470 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Roger's Battle of the Band, Capital Music Hall 151 George St. in Ottawa Friday, Feb 25th @ 6pm - hope you can make it!! It'll be short . . . and sweet! or for advance tickets $10 - $15 a...
Thank you soooo much!
POSTED ON Jan 18/11 | 461 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
We won 2nd place at the Ottawa City Finals! We thank everyone who voted for us for the Wild Card Vote as well - because of our win, we were taken out of the running. You're the best!! Hannah, Charles, Owen, Joe & Sean