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Band on the Run to the UKTime to Laugh, Kingston

This gig is no longer accepting artist submissions.

Series Description

Band on the Run to the UK

We want to send your band to play London, England!


Time to Laugh

394 Princess Street
Kingston, ON

How It Works


All meetings scheduled are mandatory. A promoter at supernova will contact you with a date and time for each meeting.

Meeting #1
Participating bands will: receive a band manual, a block of tickets and a booking agreement.

Meeting #2
Participating bands will: return all sales/unsold tickets (quantity must be equivalent to amount given at first meeting), finalize equipment and show details, submit timeslot preferences.

  • Absent bands from meeting #2 waive their opportunity to perform in the show.
  • Band deals will be void if a band fails to attend Meeting #2.

Show Schedule

Arrive early: Be at the venue 2 hours before doors open.

Check-in: Check in with Supernova staff upon arrival.

Set up: Tune your guitars and set up your cymbals & stands before you hit the stage.

Play: Perform a killer set!


Timeslots are determined by ticket sales. The band that sells the most tickets will have dibs on their choice of timeslot, so bring out those fans!

Time your set. If you play over your alloted time, your band will be disqualified.

Bands that sell less than 30 tickets may have their timeslot cut my 10 minutes based on show schedule.


Supernova will provide the following equipment:

  • Genz-Benz guitar amp
  • Genz-Benz bass amp
  • 4 piece Mapes drum kit (kick drum, floor tom, 2 rack toms)
  • All microphones and PA equipment

Bands must use the equipment provided. Bands are responsible for providing their own hardware (including snare, cymbals, hi-hat, throne and all stands)

Gig Rules

  • Violence, weapons, underage drinking and/or illegal drugs, vandalism, racial hate or excessive profanity are strictly prohibited.
  • Your band is responsible for your gear. A room for equipment will not be provided.
  • Your band is responsible for any damages caused to venue equipment during your performance.
  • All deals made between bands and supernova must be in writing. Any deals without written proof will not be honored.


Judging is based on 5 categories: originality, musicianship, song writing, stage presence and crowd response. Up to 5 points can be awarded under each category. Our judges are kept anonymous to avoid any conflict or bias

Wildcard Voting

After the show, everyone - including your band and fans who couldn’t make it - can vote for the wildcard winner on Voting starts one day after the show and continues for one week. Industry reps love numbers, so show them how big your fan base is!

Wildcard voting tactics:

At the show: Get fans to vote for your band by announcing it over the mic during your performance. Interact with the crowd after your set.

Online: Post about the vote on your online profiles and email blast your fans.

At school: Reach your entire student body through your school's PA system.

At work: Make your job work for you. Spread the word to customers and other employees.

Prizing Redemption

If your band won a prize, you will be notified by email as to what you’ve won and how to claim it. The prizing for your show is outlined on the other side of this band manual. If you have any questions regarding prizing, contact prizing[at]supernova[dot]com