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Day Cart

Day Cart is a Rock, Folk, Indie band from Delta, BC


Day Cart is a musical project focusing on the song writing of Graham Madden. Madden, a 22 year old engineering student of Simon Fraser University has been harvesting a passion for music since childhood and is applying that energy into his latest musical works. The beginning of his on-going music journey took off at the age of 8, when he began playing the piano. He developed his musical theory and an ear for melody within a short time before picking up a saxophone for the next few years, further extending his skills as a young music-maker. In high school, Graham experienced a musical growth with like-minded musicians when he enrolled in jazz and concert band. This atmosphere demonstrated to Graham, the significance in the unity of a group of performers. At the time of his sixteenth birthday, Graham was given his first guitar, and did not hesitate to begin writing his own songs with this newly acquired instrument. His keen sense of sound and dedication contributed to his rapid ability to learn the chords of his guitar. There was no turning back for him. During Graham's music explorations, he has demonstrated his talent in several bands, while his focus remained on song writing and incorporating the sounds of classic rock with a newer indie, folk flavour. With a background in engineering, his creative attention often shapes a unique muse that revolves around lyrical form and melody. Graham has made it his responsibility as a musician to study the proper techniques of recording music to capture the essence of his sound. His devotion to music, through performing and composing, is present wherever he goes.

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Drohan wrote May 17/10
Hi this is Jeremy Butler, the former bass player of Simian Special. As you probably know that band has called it quits.
Now I am rocking my socks off with DROHAN, a new powerhouse out of Vancouver. Please come check out our page, and if you like our sound vote for us daily to win the CFOX SEEDS contest!

Fighting-For-Ithaca wrote May 23/09

We made the top 20!! We need your votes to help us make the top 10 baby! Please head over to and vote for Fighting For Ithaca every day!

Anything that you and your friends can do to help would be awesome!!

Thanks again!

-Fighting For Ithaca

gentlemenprefer wrote May 23/09
I guess there is no "www" in the link I sent you to vote for's just
thanks again,

gentlemenprefer wrote May 23/09
So we made it to the top 20 of Fox Seeds, now we need your help to get into the top 10.
you can vote once a day, vote as much as you can.
thanks again,

Brittany-Firth wrote May 20/09
Yah, strange... it's not like Ladner's a big place either haha
Well maybe one day we'll pass each other. :D
Love your pictures btw.
Pretty real rad.

daycart wrote to Brittany-Firth May 20/09
Ya i went to DSS too. it's weird, I dont think we've met before but your name just seemed familiar.

Brittany-Firth wrote May 20/09
Hmm I guess I must have seen you at some point then. Yah I'm not best friends with Graham Willis, but we hang out here and there... I just met him in November haha. Didn't know if I had seen you with him... guess not though.
Did you go to DSS? I went there for grade 8 and part of grade 9, and then turned to correspondence, so you may or may not have seen me then. I went under the name Brittany Campbell back then.

daycart wrote to Brittany-Firth May 20/09
Haha good old facebook creepers. Yep I'm ladner too. I'm not exactly good friends with Graham Willis but we did hang out occasionally in highschool. Haven't seen him in a while though

Brittany-Firth wrote May 20/09
oh and I don't think I know Zach...

Brittany-Firth wrote May 20/09
I just looked you up on facebook... do you live in Ladner as well? You're friends with 11 people I know! I must have seen you before, I can't believe I don't remember you though. Hmm weird.
I guess I'll go ahead and be a facebook creeper and add you, maybe eventually I'll figure this one out haha. Are you close with Graham Willis?

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