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The Damn Dirty Grapes

The Damn Dirty Grapes is a Rock band from Mississauga, ON


Ah, where to begin? How about after this sentence? Anyone who thinks rock is dead probably thinks the music business is still alive and kicking. What we have here is living, rocking, and grooving proof that either case isn't true; The Damn Dirty Grapes. A band whose members have totally different styles, influences, addresses, dates of birth, heights, weights, nationalities, instruments, and names. Enter: Derek. The Master of the Stratocaster. Chunky riffs, searing leads, and lots of mistakes are the things he does best. If you're not humming his riffs in your head, you haven't heard them yet. The wildman of the group puts on a show that never stops. Fitzy. A Basshole. This man commands The Thunder, whether it be from his fingers or his mouth. His vocals have been described as a cross between Jim Morisson, James Hetfield, and someone who can't sing. He is the World's Biggest Rock Star and has more stage presence than maniac with a machine gun. Ronald Y. Sadd. Y. Sadd indeed. This man keeps better time then the man who stole your watch and liked it. The Sadd Man has more pocket than a dozen pairs of size 108 pants. His rhythm and stage confidence simply cannot be shaken; he shakes the stage instead. The songs. Remember those things? The Grapes were an original band since their inception and it's apparent in every word they sing and note they play. The songs have a sound that's familiar yet completely unique; they're proof that you can sing along and dance to songs that are cranked to 11 and have copius amounts of distortion. The shows. The band simply has not played a show that didn't leave the audience percolating. They've played such stages as The Sound Academy, The Hard Rock Cafe, and the El Mocambo - legendary Torontonian venues that belie their age as a band but are perfectly suited for their hard-rocking and intense style. Proof that you can have fun without smiling at eachother like mugging idiots. A sweet reminder that none of the best bands of all time performed synchronized jumps, used autotune, or followed any existing trend. When you give these tracks a listen, and you'll be thinking "get your filthy songs out of my head, you Damn Dirty Grapes!"

Band Members

Derek Prior: Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb; C, F, Bb, Eb, G, C; chest, throat, head Fitzy; Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb; chest, throat, head Ronald Y. Sadd: Bass, Tom, Tom-Tom, Tom-Tom, Snare, Splash, Crash, Ride, High-Hat, Cow Bell


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damndirtygrapes wrote to Elliott Jul 17/09
Hey Elliot

Months ago you reviewed a rough version of one of our songs, Another Friend. Well we've completed our album and have a proper, real version of the song on our profile with proper production values that I'd love you to re-review.

We also have other songs from the album that you might want to check out as well.


Fitzy from The DDG

FrankieTheTurtle wrote Jan 28/09
Nice job guys, keep it up!

damndirtygrapes wrote to dallaslockrey Jan 18/09
Your new songs are absolutely fantastic. I'm really impressed with the production of it! I'm definitely going to pick up a copy of the album when it's done.The DDG

damndirtygrapes wrote to Elliott Dec 12/08
Yeah, that song was recorded years ago, and as you can here, it's not quite in line with the quality of the other tracks. We're in the studio on the 29th and plan on finishing our album, and that song's a centrepiece. So keep an eye out on our profile - when I reupload the song, it'll be HUGE.

damndirtygrapes wrote to BRBS Nov 23/08
Dudes, it was a blast. There was a tight atmosphere in the room that really got the blood flowing, ya know?You guys have a great sound, and hey - when something horrible happens, that's EXACTLY how to handle it. Serious.

BRBS wrote Nov 23/08
Congrats on winning first place at the Elmo gig. You guys sounded great.

damndirtygrapes wrote to Sep 13/07
Congrats, guys. Caught a good bit of your set after we moved our gear; great performance.

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