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Hey hey Supernova-ers, hope all is well with all you music people!

We've had a ton of new bands join the site recently (not to mention THOUSANDS of new fans)... so thought I'd take a minute to pass along some tips & tricks for getting the MOST out of Supernova's free social music community.


If you haven't already figured it out, Supernova is a FREE way to promote your music. Supernova has an ever-expanding promo toolkit available to help you reach more fans, get feedback, and gain attention from the community and industry. The latest features for Social Radio offer even more ways to get exposure for your music!


Social Radio - one of the newest additions to Supernova - is a 24/7 music stream that fans can sort by genre, with an interactive dashboard that lets them comment on music, add it to their playlists, and message the bands themselves. Social Radio is the best way to get to know other bands and fans in your local scene, plus share the awesome new music with friends on Facebook and Twitter!


Supernova has made some changes recently that should help everyone get a little more out of their profiles. This will help bands keep a professional and fresh looking 'EPK' style profile on Supernova; and fans will be able to show off their killer taste in music - not to mention all the awesome shows they've all been to!

Facebook feeds can now be added, to pull in Artist Facebook page/status updates on to your Supernova profile.

Twitter feeds can also be added to any Supernova profile, to publish your Twitter updates automatically on to Supernova.

You can also use Tweet, Like, and Google +1 buttons throughout the Supernova site; remember that the more you help promote new music the easier it is for bands to play live and record even more music for their fans! These social Supernova tips & tricks will also help you to meet a lot of awesome music lovers right here in our community.

If you have any questions, or ideas/tips of your own, please add to the comments below!!


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corina wrote Oct 31/11
Hey guys - there are sometimes issues with the Facebook and Twitter APIs that cause temporary glitches. Everything's working fine now, but if you're still having problems please email me and I'll figure it out :)

GrainBand wrote Oct 27/11
Hey I can't seem to get either the Facebook or the Twitter feeds to work. Anyone else got that problem?

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