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Cinnamon Toast Funk

Cinnamon Toast Funk is a Funk, Pop, Rnb band


Whatever happened to the funk? Funk revolutionized music in the 1970s, and then seemingly disappeared, blending into hip hop and pop, and becoming a word to describe songs (funky), rather than its own thing (Funk with a capital F). If funk is the lost word, Cinnamon Toast Funk are the lost prophets. CTF is funk with a twist of indie pop--familiar and classic, quirky and fresh. Hailing from Abbotsford, British Columbia, they boast a sound that's equal parts Sly & The Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, and Bill Withers, mixed with a touch of the modern pop those artists inspired. They released their debut full-length, Feels Much Better, in March of 2010 independently, to a devoted fanbase in the Lower Mainland. Like their aforementioned idols, Cinnamon Toast Funk are tireless workers and energetic, consummate musicians that love to have fun on stage. Their live show has earned rave reviews and, even without representation, they have been performing nearly a show a week since they debuted in June of 2009, many booked through positive press and word of mouth. It seems that funk music is never an inappropriate choice, and Cinnamon Toast Funk have performed in clubs, churches, pubs, prisons, backyards, basements and banquets, helping people find the dancefloor on every occasion. Originally started as a joke by drummer Adrian Peters and keyboardist Bryan Binnema, the band quickly found legs as a serious act with a wicked sense of humour when they added vocalist Harrison Mooney and bassist Jason Vander-Hoek, two musicians who will tell you they consider themselves performers first. The fast friendship, combined talent, and instant chemistry of the four gave the band some serious legs, and within four months, the band had written enough material for a full-length album and full-length shows. Savvy and motivated, the band added a slough of similar-sounding funk covers to give them the ability to play anywhere. Convinced most people wouldn't be able to tell the originals from the covers, the band contacted venues that hire cover bands and made the bookings that would help finance their recordings. Along the way, Aaron Dahl joined as lead guitarist, and Mike Michalkow threw in his hat as an additional percussionist. Feels Much Better is a stunning album from one of the funkiest independent bands in British Columbia. Loaded with deep, soulful grooves, rich vocal harmonies, playful lyrics, and danceable, indelible hooks, it just might be the album that proves CTF's central ideology: that funk is back and as relevant as ever. Charged by the gods of the funk to take their message to the people, Cinnamon Toast Funk will be supporting their debut release through 2010.

Band Members

Harrison Mooney- Lead Vocals
Bryan Binnema- Keys, Backing Vocals
Jason Vander-Hoek- Bass, Backing Vocals
Aaron Dahl- Guitar
Adrian Peters- Drums, backing vocals


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MrSlaphappy wrote Jun 11/10
You guys are amazing.
So Original , you boys will go far.
Keep that funk alive!!

geminiside wrote Jun 10/10
please please please don't ever changer your band name. greatest ever :) matches the slick tasty tunes. cheers!

cinnamontoastfunk wrote to MrMojoRisin Jun 10/10
We in CTF appreciate that your prognostications include us. :-) We shall see.

dimerock wrote Jun 09/10
fuckers you made me eat my words ..congrats and good luck

cindylouandtheband wrote Jun 08/10
You guys are amazing!!! I love you tracks! if you ever want to collaborate let me know!! and congrats yourself too on the top fifty :)

StonedMoses wrote Jun 08/10
you guys win in life period for me.
Your daily dose of funk gets my morning started .
Lets put on a show somewhere in van together soon, hit us ware we stay!

jetlevy wrote Jun 08/10
Love it! You guys deserve to win! We NEED more FUNK in this world!

cinnamontoastfunk wrote to StonedMoses Jun 07/10
You guys rock! Way to get 'er done.

cinnamontoastfunk wrote to cindylouandtheband Jun 07/10
Hey Cindy Lou! Congratulations on making the top 50. We've enjoyed being next to you for the last month or so, and we're glad it doesn't have to end here. Let's be beside each other forever.

cinnamontoastfunk wrote Jun 07/10
Thanks to everyone who voted. The steady showtimes have slowed down a bit, but they're gonna pick up soon enough. In the meantime, you can check us out June 25th at an undisclosed location (we'll let you know) and July 3rd at Abbotsford Berrybeat Festival. Both shows at 8pm.

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