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Aria Tesolin is a Pop, Jazz, Indie band from Mississauga, ON and looking for Great fans, Booking Agents, Touring, Record Label


Operatic voiced pop crooner ARIA TESOLIN, 18, is a Canadian pop-classical and contemporary singer with an original sound and a captivatingly beautiful voice. A singer, poet and songwriter from Mississauga, Ontario, her songs have a retro feel and timeless sound. Her signature vocals shine in a variety of styles, including classical, pop-classical, soft pop, crooner and jazz crossover songs. Aria's new music is creating quite a stir. In August 2011 she was featured in Record Label Door's A&R Tip Sheet. In early April 2012 her song Dolce nearly tied for #1 on the Official European Indie Chart, playing on 700 radion stations across Europe and Canada. On April 19th Dolce was featured in Cool New Music on AllAccess hot-mod-AC. "Every once in a while you find an artist who has that special something; an artist who has a voice that makes the hairs on your arms stand up; an artist whose music just makes you feel really good - that artist is Aria Tesolin. Aria has a true sense of musicality and originality that is hard to come by now-a-days. Aria's true songwriting talent is to take something universal and turn it into something truly majestic and magical. Aria Tesolin will take your breath away.... Underlying Aria's gorgeous voice are perfectly detailed arrangements and an artistic delivery that hasn't been seen since Norah Jones first hit the scene. Aria is both a musician's musician and a people's musician; she appeals to the concert hall trained ear and to general audiences who know they are hearing something extraordinary, but at the same time feel as though every song Aria sings was written just for them." Sylvia Harris, Music Industry Executive, Record Label Door In September 2011, Aria was selected as Best Vocalist of the Month by US based Singer Universe for her song Dolce. Dolce” is a graceful, classical/pop ballad which provides a fine showcase for Tesolin's singing and writing ability. This song starts off with an acoustic piano track, and then builds momentum with a elegant string arrangement and a soaring chorus melody. The most impressive aspect of this recording is Tesolin's wide vocal range--she begins the song singing in a deep, rich voice, and then goes into a higher soprano range in the chorus. ” Dale Kawashima - Singer Review of Baby Soprano "The aptly named Aria Tesolin is a vocal prodigy ...Tesolin holds her own among the adults, with a sweet clarity to her vocals that is both reflective of her age and surprisingly advanced." Emily Turner - Daily Om - Music Selection Aria discovered her musical gifts as a small child and began performing opera in concerts with Canadian Tenors at the age of 8. Aria was known as Canada's Baby Soprano and was featured on all major Canadian National News Networks, CityTV, CTV National (featured on Success Stories with Sandie Rinaldo, CTV Toronto, Global, OMNI, TLN (Telelatino, Rogers Community News, and Daytime. At 12 she released her novelty opera CD Baby Soprano with fourteen popular opera tracks and became known as the youngest opera singer in the world. Nine tracks from the album have appeared on digital charts in 11 countries. After this, Aria became a YouTube star with a global viewing audience of nearly 7 million people. Web-site is Purchase her songs on iTunes

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Aria Tesolin with music by Max Senitt, Gino Del Sole, Jeremy Ledbetter and Ross McIntyre (or Ben Miller)

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