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Afterglow is a band from Nanaimo, BC


Afterglow is Canadian pop rock band from Vancouver Island BC. Originally consisting of brothers Adam Ryan and Aron Shane. The group formed in 2005 when Aron was asked by brother Adam to drum and co-produce the EP “Yellow Brick Drive” with producer/engineer Rick Salt. With Rick Salt as the performing Bassist for the E.P. the group released Yellow Brick Drive in 2007. Feb 14, 2012 the group released their second E.P “Get Up and Go”. A suitable title as the record came after an extensive break following the loss of their father in 2008. The record was one of growth and personal struggle, a landmark record for songwriter Adam Ryan. Afterglow was ready to “get up and go” and was soon back to live performances again with a range of bassist and keyboard players. Both EPs received spins on some of Canada’s top major radio stations/collage and Internet radio. The EPs received interest from some of the countries top indie labels. October 2013, the brothers were back in the studio, recording 2 new songs with producer/engineer Rick Salt playing bass and additional instruments. Current changes in the industry led to a revised plan - to record and release one single complete with a music video,every 3 months. The 1st new single “DRIVE” was released March 13 and is available for FREE download on the site. Shortly after recording, Aron’s decision to pursue his other interest’s in film,photography and graphic design, led to the brothers going separate ways. All though front man Adam Ryan has become more of a solo artist these days, he still goes under the name Afterglow and his goals remain the same. Adam is currently searching for collaborating musicians that share the same passion, drive and goals as himself. Adam Ryan continues to grow as a songwriter and a musician, this is all too apparent with his latest release “Drive” and shows a promising outlook for 2014.

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Blackburn wrote May 12/12
Really love "Once and Awhile" guys. Quite an Epic and heart-wrenching piece. Hope we can do a show together sometime. -Brent of Blackburn

allpossiblehuman wrote Jan 19/12
Awesome, looking forward to hearing it! also if you ever need an openning band....right here! And we will keep in mind for the same thing

afterglowband wrote to allpossiblehuman Jan 19/12
Right thanks also thanks for the vote. just checked out your tunes sounds good keep it up. Our new record should be out in a few weeks.

allpossiblehuman wrote Jan 18/12
You guys sound awesome!!! I sent a vote your way!

aronshane wrote Jan 08/12
check this song from afterglow

MindilBeachMarkets wrote Jun 07/11
Good luck winning the wild card spot!

Mindil Beach Markets' live performance in the Fox Seeds Competition is at The Roxy 9:30 pm Friday, June 17th. The first 100 people through the door after 8:30 pm will receive our debut album - FREE! Check us out at

The top 20 performance schedule is posted at

clashatthecarnival wrote Mar 07/11
Hey there, don't be square, check out our audio arsenal; CLASH AT THE CARNIVAL! We're rocking all the way to the top, we're not going to flop! Your ears will cheer and your eyes will tear!

afterglowband wrote to corina Sep 14/10
thanks im glad you like the tunes were going to get back in the studio soon and do some new songs we also have are offical afterglow site that will have new up dates all the time and links to facebook and itunes check it out

corina wrote Sep 09/10
I like these vocals a lot... just smooth enough to let those long higher notes slide by without being grating. Nice pacing too - very STPish.

afterglowband wrote to redcitybreakout Aug 31/10
thanks you guys got some good tunes to we should get together on some shows we could bring you to nanaimo if you could bring us over there let me know what you if your into it and ill book the queens for us to play also might have some all ages shows coming up soon

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