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DO IT TO ME (Lyrics)
BABY GONE DANGEROUS by Aaron Esteban (Lyrics)

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Aaron Esteban

Aaron Esteban is a Pop, Rnb, Hiphop band from Montreal, QC and looking for New fans, More Gigs & a Record Deal


Singer and songwriter Aaron Esteban, also known as AE, was born July 20 th , 1986 in Montreal Canada. Son of a preacher, he grew up in a very musical environment where he had full access to instruments and live musicians. It was clear from a very young age that music would take an important part of his life. He joined the Church’s choir at only 8 years old and taught himself how to play drums. His love of performing came when he sang in front of 200 churchgoers. After seeing people’s positive reactions, it then became clear to him that being on stage and playing music for himself and others was something that he wanted to do for the rest of his life. His talent became the interest of many people, and he worked with two mentors through his teenage years to help him fine-tune his voice and stage skills.In 2008, Aaron knew that he wanted to share his art with the world. He wanted to perform on stage and show the audience his showmanship as well as his songwriting, producing and singing skills. He began working on several demos with local producers to help pinpoint his unique sound. He spent countless hours locked in his bedroom with nothing but his laptop, a producing program and a mic. Within 2 years, he wrote over 50 songs and came up with his first original demo “The Angels Envy You”in 2009. AE was then approached by a Canadian A&R with a possibility to getsigned by a record label based in Toronto. Feeling thatit was too soon for him to be associated with a label, Aaron declined the offer and decided to keep discovering his sound instead. Since then, he’s released the following singles independently. Do It to Me (2010) Baby Gone Dangerous (2011) Hush Hush (2013) Locura (upcoming - 2014) Drop it Down (upcoming - 2014) His music genre is mainly POP, with some dance and urban influences. He is currently working with renown producer Soke on his first EP called “Never Fear to Fail”. The first single from thatalbum “Locura”, will be released in September 2014. AE has been promoting his music through showcases such as Landmark, Supernova, Radiostar, CMW Coalition and Hysteria. He has performed in Montreal hotspots like Le National, Rialto Theatre, IVY Night Club, Muzique, Lamouche and many more. He took dancing classes at Tripoli Studios in Montrealto help with his stage presence as a performer. This is where he met Giulia Tripoli (choreographer/artistic director), one of the very first people in the business that taught him how to command a stage.“He has a naturaltalent for entertainment”– KC (Owner of Night Club). Aaron grew up listening to his biggest influence, MichaelJackson, and his big repertoire from Jackson 5 to any demos that were unreleased such as “Xscape”. His other influences include Julio Iglesias, The Beatles, James Brown, Nat King Cole, The Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, and Enrique Iglesias. He enjoys anything that has a dance pop style with urban influences. Aaron took a year off in 2013 to focus on rediscovering his sound, and has since evolved both personally and musically. AE is now ready to pursue his career and expand to other cities, preparing to travel in the upcoming months to promote his music and get more experience performing. “Aaron Esteban has the image, the skills and the soul of a star”said producer Soke once they wrapped-up the finalrecording of his upcoming single dance/pop “Locura”. Getting ready to release 2 singles from his upcoming EP “Never Fear to Fail”, Aaron Esteban is a promising new artist that is ready to take it to another level, from Montreal to the rest of the world.

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