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Sanity Asylum

Sanity Asylum is a Metal, Metal, Metal band from Maple Ridge, BC


Sanity Asylum from Maple Ridge Started back in 2006 with Rory MacRury on Vocals and Andrew Fernandez on Ryhthm guitar. They soon got bassist Giovanni Donofrio to play with the band, and soon a second key member, lead Guitarist Adam Bergen. And after a few weeks of jamming, Giovanni was kicked out due to lack of interest. By summer 2007 Drummer Brian Carew was brought in, as well as bassist Josh Torrance soon after. *** With Rory now quickly picking up guitar, the band would have thought they would go on as a 5 piece with 3 guitarists. This was until Brian Carew was kicked out at the end of summer due to lack of effort to commit, and then Andrew Fernandez being kicked out in December 2007 because of his incapability to commit. December 6th 2007 Adam had joined another band "By Dark Deliverance" as a bassist for a short few weeks until he quit along with the drummer Patrick Adair, whom introduced him into the band. This of course led to the Idea of bringing The old "By Dark Deliverance" Drummer Patrick Adair into Sanity Asylum. A jamm session took place in December 2007 and it was quickly decided that Pat would join. *** With the band now having a strong Line-up, several jam sessions took place, and the band had there first gig at Garibaldi Secondary School by April 10th 2008. The band was well recieved and held together up until August 2008 when Patrick Adair was kicked out due to arguments between the band members. *** Soon after, in September 2008 The Multi-Talented Brandon Vix was brought in as the new drummer. This Line-up stayed strong up until around November/December when drummer Brandon Vix quit due to complications within. Sometime around the new year of 2009 drummer Patrick Adair was brought back in for a second chance. Soon later in mid February we had an audition for "Battle of the Bands" at the Act Theater. Bassist Josh Torrance never showed up. We completed the Audition, and found out after that our bassist was jamming with his other band, Prophet Fulfilled. With this action the band went searching for a new bassist. Turns out we got in to the battle of the bands, even without a bassist. We had to take quick action of finding a bassist and teaching them our songs, before the show on April 24th. *** Sometime around March 2009, Adam Suggested bringing in his ex girlfriend Emily Boulton, on bass. She had been known by Adam and Rory as a good bassist for a long time. Soon she officially joined, and played our first show with the new bassist April 18th at the Albion Hall. Things went over well, and this lineup stayed strong playing a fair amount of shows up until Early-Mid June when drummer Patrick Adair quit, with unspecific reasons. *** Fairly soon after in Mid-Late July, Adam came across Poco drummer Mark Mckitrick of which we had a jam session with and instantly fell in love with his drumming. We also felt strong and good feelings toward him and had him join instantly. Soon after, with the school year coming around Emily had to be let go for multiple reasons, she had become very hard to get a hold of and we found ourselves jamming without her, she also would be starting University in September. We went on the search for another bassist when Adam came across our long time no see former bassist and still best friend Josh Torrance. He said he wanted to jam with Sanity again, and that he misses the band very much. *** With this thought the band has been trying to set up a jam with Josh for the past few weeks of September 2009. And have yet to have a successful jam with him. In the meanwhile we have been jamming with new drummer Mark Mckitrick almost every week since he joined. *** And this is where the band stands today. More updates will be written soon! *** Adam Bergen - Guitar *** Rory MacRury - Guitar/Vocals *** Mark Mckitrick - Drums *** Jamming with former bassist Josh Torrance seems to be failing, and therefore Sanity Asylum is officially on the hunt for a new bass player, please message us if you got the guts. [=

Band Members

Adam Bergen - Guitar 2007-present
Rory MacRury - Guitar/Vocals 2006-present
Mark Mckitrick - Drums 2009-present


Former Members.
Andrew Fernandez - Guitar 2006-2007
Gio D'onofrio - Bass 2007
Emily Boulton - Bass 2009
Josh Torrance - Bass 2007-2009
Brian Carew - Drums 2007
Patrick Adair - Drums 2007-2008, 2008-2009
Brandon Vix - Drums 2008


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