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Randy River Final Cut
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Battle Of The Bands
Croatian Culture Centre


Quartered is a Alternative, Rock, Hardcore band from White Rock, BC


Remember passing by the band room in high school? While classes were in, the sounds are pretty much what you'd expect to hear. But, when classes are out it's a completely different story. That's when you'll find the true like-minded musicians in school gathering to explore a common hunger. When school was out at Surrey's Elgin Park Secondary, the rumble leaking through the cracks was the unmistakable beginnings of metal experimentalists, Quartered. Borrowing from influences like The Deftones, Tool and Faith No More, Quartered explores the dynamics of progressive hard rock with explosive releases of calculated energy. Since 2004 they have been winning over audiences in their back yard of Vancouver, which is no easy feat, as the west coast of Canada is home to a competitive hotbed of talent known for breakout rock and metal artists. Their high energy live show has regularrily piqued the attention of judges in local competitions, often resulting in Quartered stealing the top awards from veteran progressive bands. In 2007 Quartered released "The Falls of Autumn", and in 2008 "Straight Out of the Sandbox". Both records boast an uncompromising intensity as the band continues to bloom. The recordings have caught the ear of LA producer Eric Greedy who is currently working on new material with the band. Greg Williams - Vocals Craig Rudder - Bass Todd Sanft - Guitar Scott Miller - Drums Jeff Wang - Guitar The name Quartered represents the unity the band feels at the collective core of their friendship and musical journey. Frontman Greg Williams says, "We live to write, record and perform music that will one day inspire others." And that's exactly what this metal quintet does. They take the job seriously and each new fan is treated personally as a new member of their extended family. There is a lyrical depth to Quartered that one cannot deny. Take the song "Africa" which begins in a chant using the Africaans word "Mooi" meaning pretty. Here, Williams fondly reminisces about someone dear to his heart that he lost years ago, before blowing the doors of memory wide open with the belly of the song. He picked up the knack for experimenting with exotic languages while spending time in a choir lead by a South African conductor. In the song "Push" Quartered lashes out with the lyric "let the fire rage". On the surface this seems harsh, but after digging deeper the message of hope and courage emerges. Dedicated to a family member's struggle in an abusive relationship, Williams and company urge anyone in a similar situation to find the strength within to survive. In between chants and screams, don't be surprised to see Williams leaping over Sanft or the other band members at their next live show. It wouldn't be the first time their set ended with ambulances and police cars on the scene. Needless to say things can get pretty intense. Also, don't be surprised if you get asked to have a beer with them after the show in their tour van, or if you bump into them handing out free tickets to their own show on the street in front of the venue. These guys are out there building their audience one fan at a time. Whether playing to a packed house or an audience of one, Quartered is dedicated to leaving you inspired.

Band Members

Greg Williams - Vocals Todd Sanft - Guitars/Vocals Craig Rudder - Bass Scott Miller - Drums Jeff Wang - Guitars


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Drohan wrote May 17/10
Hi this is Jeremy Butler, the former bass player of Simian Special. As you probably know that band has called it quits.
Now I am rocking my socks off with DROHAN, a new powerhouse out of Vancouver. Please come check out our page, and if you like our sound vote for us daily to win the CFOX SEEDS contest!

Columbia wrote May 23/09
:) If we can steal a vote from ya'll it would be killer... We'll get you back next year.


Fighting-For-Ithaca wrote May 23/09

We made the top 20!! We need your votes to help us make the top 10 baby! Please head over to and vote for Fighting For Ithaca every day!

Anything that you and your friends can do to help would be awesome!!

Thanks again!

-Fighting For Ithaca

gentlemenprefer wrote May 23/09
I guess there is no "www" in the link I sent you to vote for's just
thanks again,

gentlemenprefer wrote May 23/09
hey guys, thanks for the kind words. We managed to make it into the top 20.
any votes you boys could throw our way would be great.
thanks again,

Fantasyisnotreality wrote May 22/09 really need to promote this...


Silent Producer Lady

The-Fury wrote May 22/09
we might have our cd release and open up for buddies in A Long way Home when they pass through here so seeing what happens.

z-benfield wrote May 21/09
You guys are awesome!! I can never make it out to the shows so any way to show my support I'll do!

Quartered wrote to z-benfield May 21/09
YO YO Benny was shakin, long time no see, hope all is well, your support is much appreciated!!!


acebradley wrote May 21/09
i love you!!

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