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Oral Compensation

Oral Compensation is a Rock, Punk band from Port Coquitlam, BC


Oral Compensation was founded by and is operated by Bean, who began her soul exposing song writing at a very young age. After struggling along for several years in various cover bands through the inherent biased and somewhat sexist beliefs held by some in the music industry, Bean found her home in 1998, in a genre mixed with punk, hard rock, progressive rock, flavours of goth at times, and definite flavours of metal. Her style is a mix of angry, biting lyrics, hard hitting vocals, and menacing guitar riffs. In 2006, she began her own project, which was the birth of Oral Compensation. "My husband is the one that came up with the name for the band," says Bean with a smile. "The minute I heard it, I knew it was the perfect name for my band. He had one definition, and I had an entirely different meaning to the name, and of course I am just enough of a bad girl, to not really give a damn what definition you think I mean." She means it too. Seldom will you meet a more hard core rocker chic then Bean, from her now white and electric blue hair (which changes regularly), to her tattoos and piercings, to just the way she carries herself. Bean began recording with her frist producer in October of 2006, and without the luxury of having a full band at the time. The first song she recorded was "Because of You" (English Version), which was a song she had written only the night before recording. Recorded by Roger Mowat of Jam Factory Studio in Port Coquitlam, BC, Bean played the rhythm guitar part, and sang the lead vocals, while Roger played the lead guitar part, the bass part, and sang back up vocals. After recording three songs together, along with writing "Givers & Takers" together, Roger joined Bean and her first band full band was formed in early November of 2006. Bean played with this group, and used Roger as a producer, until July of 2007, when differences in the band members goals for the band forced them all to part ways. Instead of Bean al

Band Members

Bean - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Founder/Music and Song Writer, able to play several different instruments. Wicked, strong, hard hitting vocals that are in your face and a great rock style. Music is her passion and drive. Performing since she was a small child Bean is completely comfortable rockin' your world. This multi-talented musician is not just another pretty face that spits out other people's pop music. Bean prides herself on being original with lyrics that are dark and heavy, as well as being able to play eight different instruments. She is hands on and always pays proper respect to her band's following. Part punk... Part rocker... all good hearted, unless you piss her off, this girl is sure to send you home sweatin'.

Rawger Mowat - Lead Guitar/Back Up Vocals/Musical Arranger - This man is a shredding maniac. With over 20 years of playing experience, there isn't a lot of people that can keep up with his flying fingers. Also lead singer/lead guitarist in his own project RAW, lead guitarist for Pop-star Tara Crowther, owner and operator of Jam Factory Studios in Port Coquitlam, BC and Second Guitar in metal band Re-Entry, Rawger is a man known on the local music scene. He plays a Hamer in Drop A, and an Eight String that's sic!!! His playing is fast, furious, melodic, hard core, and penetrating. The stage chemistry between Bean and Rawger is amazing, and definately something you don't want to miss!

Colin - Guitar 2 - another guitar shreddin' demon, with fire in his fingertips. Keeping up alongisde Rawger is no easy task for anyone, yet Colin makes it appear to be a breeze. Having crushed his arm in a machine press at work, he thought all chances of playing again would be dashed. With pins and screws holding his arm together, he picked up a guitar within weeks of the accident, and proved that no mere mutilation of his arm was enough to keep him away from his guitar. All anger and strength in his sound, and nothing but style and heart in his playing, Colin is also a force to be reckoned with.

Mark Boyko - drummer - This man is a drummer in his own league far above so many others...HYPER as hell, and able to pound the demon into everyone. Founder and drummer for the math metal band Re-Entry he makes all the other drummers look like little kiddies. Talented in any genre, with more energy then anyone in the world, he lays down a steady hard hitting, monstrosity of sound that you'll still feel pounding your ears a week later.


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Drohan wrote May 17/10
Hi this is Jeremy Butler, the former bass player of Simian Special. As you probably know that band has called it quits.
Now I am rocking my socks off with DROHAN, a new powerhouse out of Vancouver. Please come check out our page, and if you like our sound vote for us daily to win the CFOX SEEDS contest!

Oral-Compensation wrote to sandy Jun 20/09
Hey Sandy! Thanks so much for your kind words on our jams! We had a blast playing in the Battle of the Band Finals last night! If uh you got some time you know...uhhh...we could always use your vote! *wink, wink*

Keep on rockin'!


KICK-the-ASHES wrote Jun 20/09
As you know, we played the City Finals of the Band on the Run, hosted by Supernova @ the Royal Hall last night, and if you have the time it would be great if you can drop by the page and vote for us in the wild card vote!
We appreciate your support!!

--Kick the Ashes

sandy wrote Jun 17/09
Great tunes!

KICK-the-ASHES wrote Jun 16/09
Yeah, that'll be a killer show, we're damn looking forward to it!
Are you guys competing or just playing?

Oral-Compensation wrote to KICK-the-ASHES Jun 16/09
Look forward to sharing the stage with you again on Friday!!! WOOT! WOOT!

Brave-Tin-Soldiers wrote Jun 13/09
It's going great! How's everything going with you?

KICK-the-ASHES wrote Jun 13/09
hey, hows it going guy?

KICK-the-ASHES wrote May 31/09
We should have a track from our demo up in the next few days, so be sure to check it out!

-Kick the Ashes

irishjim wrote May 21/09
You guys are tops in my book. I dont see why they even need a competition. Show them how its done

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