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M.O.C. is a Metal, Rock, Hardcore band from Surrey, BC


M.O.C. STANDS FOR MODEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS.. Inspired by Timothy Leary..

The 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness is a model of consciousness proposed by Timothy Leary. Leary believed the mind is best viewed as a collection of 8 "circuits", also called "gears" or "mini-brains". Each stage is claimed to represent a higher stage of evolution than the one before it. - Wikipedia

M.O.C. is more about a love song, an angste teen lyric and a cry for help....we are about real issues/manipulations from the world and the people around you.Human behavior is one of the most interesting patterns of change in the world.. The way you feel as people let you down, as the world changes and as we all eventually can either stay together or grow apart. The way life consmetically changes just to fit a certain mold.. Life experiences and deaths of the people we love suffering from drug addictions or personal battles whatever they may be.Your own if that? We are not here to depress, only to make music to inspire. Hopefully these opinions are really refreshing to hear as alot of bands in our generation gap write mostly on feelings of love, and their own anger. Our music is more then that. I hope more of us teens, young adults can start to make real music, with real lyrics.. no more of this screamo emo shit..c'mon. -Derek Holiove


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Sickness In Motion-+=-///// Forget to smile its worthless! your sick from the needle holes raped of your mind and your body death is waiting, can you feel the sickness in motion!?///// Why cant you see yourself dying lying there looking quite surprised? these lines of coke your inhaling only multiply the sickness!!///// The times come to wait and just whisper.. the overdose starts kicking in.. blood from your mouth spills onto the carpet.. once again its on your pale white skin!!///// CAN YOU FEEL THE SICKNESS?? nobody to come to your side!! WATCH AS LIFE PASSES BY!! and watch as the world lets you die!!//// Why cant you see yourself dying lying there looking quite surprised? these lines of coke your inhaling only multiply the sickness!!///// Reject, reject the feeling the ultimatem has already been given Reject, reject the ones you love It's time they say goodbye!!!///// CAN YOU FEEL THE SICKNESS?? nobody to come to your side!! WATCH AS LIFE PASSES BY!! and watch as the world lets you die!! X3///// BECAUSE THE WORLD! cant save you from this, your fading away were not the ones to blame for your mistake youve paved your own way, got got in lie were not the ones that have spit in your eye and left you to die, hold me down as I cry.. Were not the ones to despise x2 and cant you see, that the sickness is in motion? and you like it that way...?? because you love getting high.. Were not the ones to despise.. Its' you that loves getting high..

Their sleep was worse then shallow ... It was almost
worse than being awake. They could feel their bodies sweating and could
smell the sweat. They seemed to be freezing... The back of their heads
and their stomachs seemed to be linked in pain, working together to
bring about a nausea that continually threatened to erupt, but there
was nothing there but the constant pressure of the pain and nausea; and
with every breath their panic increased...Their anxiety grew and grew
until it consumed their bodies and swelled in their chests and
threatened to cut off their air and they gasped for air and sat up in
the bed and looked around in the dark.. trying to identify whatever it
was that had awakened them.. - Hubert Selby Jr. ------Requiem for a


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Drohan wrote May 17/10
Hi this is Jeremy Butler, the former bass player of Simian Special. As you probably know that band has called it quits.
Now I am rocking my socks off with DROHAN, a new powerhouse out of Vancouver. Please come check out our page, and if you like our sound vote for us daily to win the CFOX SEEDS contest!

ModOfCon wrote to Jan 28/08
thx for the add

ModOfCon wrote to janika Jan 08/08
hey you! sorry we didnt play that show you were so stoked to see, complicated...I really would love for you to come to a future show, probably wont be with supernova. my email is, send me an email so we can let you know when we have a show coming up in the future. Currently writing new songs so yeah catch you later <3

janika wrote Dec 07/07
I'm stoked to see you guys on stage tomorrow!

ModOfCon wrote to flameheartband Dec 03/07
thanks ! , u guys are rockin , keep it up!

ModOfCon wrote to janika Dec 03/07
Hey, really appreciate the add! you rock!!! :)

flameheartband wrote Nov 29/07
A sweet tune you got there.

Rock on!

grandtheftradio wrote Nov 22/07
Hey Derek,
It's me, your old buddy Fraser. Looks like we'll be playing together on the 8th man. Our band is called Grand Theft Radio. Look forward to seeing what your band has been up to. Cheers.

ModOfCon wrote to Gypsycurselive Jul 10/07
andrey holy shit man, were playing a show together hahaha well see you there im stoked! rock on !!!

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