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DainaLacey wrote to StandDown Jun 06/10
Ooops, I forgot to mention that we have some interest in a couple of your new CD's. Can u let us know how we can buy a couple and get them sent here? You'd think being Justin's sister I'd already have one myself (I know Rob does Justin! Remember who your #1 fan is here, lol).
Thanks everyone,
Daina Lacey

DainaLacey wrote to StandDown Jun 06/10
Hey Guys,
Just wanted to once again let you know just how strongly I feel about this competition. We've been voting everyday, well I've been voting everyday for both of us, with the exception, of course of my minor (ok it was a major fuck fest) accident with the mouse thing. Which btw, I'm still punishing myself for, acceptance of my apology withstanding. lol.
We continue to remind friends and family to vote and encourage people to listen to your music which speaks for itself and needs no selling on our part.
Don't forget us the next time you're in Kelowna and this time we'll stay for a drink afterwards.
Once again good luck and to Justin, answer your fucking phone.
Big Sis,
Daina Lacey

NicPharlain wrote Jun 04/10
Hey I'd really appreciate if you took a moment to listen to my tunes and if you like my style, cast a vote for me!


DainaLacey wrote to StandDown Jun 03/10
I figured u guys might get a kick out of this story. We had two J.W.'s stop by this morning and I figured if they wanted me to listen to them then they had to listen to me! So I made them watch and listen to your Worlds Away Promo Video! LMAO! I'm hoping that they won't feel so free to just stop by anytime anymore!
Anyway, you know I'm voting everyday and behind you all the way! Love you Bro (Justin) and best of luck. Make sure u keep me updated!
Your Sis,
Daina Lacey

DainaLacey wrote to StandDown May 31/10
Dear Standdown, especially Justin,
This is Daina, Justin's sister, and I just wanted to share an important decision that I've made with you. After much deliberation I've decided that if you guys win this competition I'll get my first tat and it's going to say (in Old English) S.T.F.D.. This isn't a joke it's a promise! With much love,
Your sis (any fam of Justin's is fam of mine!)and #1 fan,
Daina Lacey

Skard_Music wrote May 30/10
hallo from skard

DainaLacey wrote to StandDown May 30/10
Hey guys! How's everything? Keeping busy I hope!
So only one week left huh? Amazing! That went by so fast! I'm listening to you as I write and I can't get over how much I love this new album. You really hit it, you deserve this so much. I'm not just blowing sunshine up your ass cuz my bro's in the band, if you don't win this time I'll be so surprised, and disappointed.
Anyway, I just wanted to wish you luck on the last week of voting. I'm sure you're all very anxious and excited. And although I realize you're busy Justin, you owe me a message! Sorry again about yesterday but both Blair and I got our votes in today (no mistakes this time).
Best of luck and sending you our most positive thoughts,
Daina and Blair

MrMojoRisin wrote May 28/10
Hey I just wanted to give you the heads up that my favorite band Gemini Side is playing on June 11th at the Back Stage Lounge.

It’d be awesome if you could make an appearance!

…..and remember nothing goes better with your breakfast then a Gemini Side Vote!

Trust me it tastes delicious!

DainaLacey wrote to StandDown May 28/10
OMG u guys I just made the biggest fuck up possible. I was voting, as I do every night for u, and I went to hit the vote button (or whatever u want to call it) and I accidentally hit the guys above u! I'm using a laptop where the mouse is at the bottom and my wrist hit it just as I was pressing the key. I'm so, so sorry. I should be whipped and beaten with a stick. lol. Sorry bro, can't get much worse than that. It's funny cuz I was just talking to another band member about no matter how much I like their music or how well of friends we end up that I will never vote for anyone but Standdown. What do u think Justin, can u EVER forgive me? lol. Not if u lose by one vote!!!! lol.
Anyway, you guys sound great and the new promo is absolutely amazing! Totally rocks! I'm so proud. I almost had a tear running down my cheek I was so proud and it's just so awesome to see u doing what u were always meant to do. And doing it so well, u were totally in your element.
To your vocalist: love the haircut! Seriously though, it was so cool to see u guys live finally there in Kelowna and u really have a gift for hyping up the crowd. This isn't usually my choice of genre but I could listen to u all day.
U know I wish u all the very best of luck with the contest and will continue to vote every day (very carefully). U deserve this in every way, not just cuz you've worked so hard, but u ARE the very BEST!!!
Love (Justin's sis) Daina Lacey

youtubeSuperviseThis wrote May 27/10
hey hope your days going well if you have any free time you should check me out on youtube /user/JokesOnYou187 hope you enjoy my crazy anticks :).

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