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Double Eagle Standard

Double Eagle Standard is a Metal, Alternative band from Buffalo, NY


Double Eagle Standard is a Grunge/Metal band out of Buffalo, N.Y. Their highly aggressive sound comes from both metal and grunge influences, with overtones of several classic rock groups in their solo's and overall melodic structure. The sound produced tends to be a sweet contrast of both thick muddy riffs and sharp almost harsh nuances. Their stage presence and showmanship as a group is engaging and highly exciting. If a comparison could be made it might be said that they are blending of the melancholy of grunge with the high energy, high action of metal. The band formed in 2003. There are four members in the band. Tom Scott the guitarist, Juice Nuk'em the bassist, Joel Victori the drummer, and Mike Bogucki the vocalist. Tom Scott-19- Heavily influenced by Metallica and tends to have an inclination towards heavy music. His influences and tastes tend to be very modern and bring the elements of both speed and extremely well structured riffs and songs to the bands overall feel. Juice Nuk'em-24- Ukrainian immigrant influenced by both eastern and western music. His western influences tend to dominate his play but his eastern heritage sometimes makes itself heard in his highly unique baselines. His primary influences are Primus and Metallica Joel Victori-18- Highly aggressive, standout drummer. His highly motivated, sometimes unorthodox style has become the backbone of the music of Double Eagle Standard. His influences range from a background of light classic rock, blues, and folk music to modern heavy metal like Hatebreed and Korn. Mike Bogucki-25- lyricist and front man for the band. Talented singer with a gruff sound coupled with incredible sustain and presence of voice. His influences range from the Doors and Pink Floyd to Alice n' Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. As a band their major influences are Alice n' Chains, Metallica, Primus, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam and, Godsmack. The band recorded their demo at Outer Limit Studio's Buffalo and IDS Studios Niagria Falls NY and has been featured on Buffalo's rock station WEDG 103.3 The Edge In short we're four guys who hate almost all of the bands who are popular today and were so alieniated by the market and radio in general that we decided we could do a better Job. We're poor, hungry, overly competitive musicians who hate where they are in life, not famous, and will do anything to make it as professional musicians. Refer to the music for any other questions. Later D.E.S.

Band Members

Mike Bogucki-Vocals
Tom Scott-Guitars
Joel Victori-Drums
Juce Nuk'em- Bass


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TRIBUNE wrote May 18/09
Great stuff guys. It's got the GRRROOOVVVEEE! Come check us out if your interested in some Canadian Metal!\m/

TRIBUNE wrote May 18/09
Great stuff guys. It's got the GRRROOOVVVEEE! Come check us out if your interested in some Canadian Metal!\m/

TRIBUNE wrote May 18/09
Great stuff guys. It's got the GRRROOOVVVEEE! Come check us out if your interested in some Canadian Metal!\m/

everockband wrote May 18/09
thanks so much for add !!

DES14210 wrote to murphysmall Feb 17/09
murpheysorry it took me so long to get back to ya. Fucking computer problems. Listen man i dig your shit sounds like AIC and some straight heroine blues. nice fucking vibe brother, whats up with a cd? Ill trade ours for yours. you got the right attitude brother, it aint about any of that bullshit. just music.Later Mankeep it upMike DES

BadDawg69 wrote Feb 01/09
Don't forget to come DES's prevalentines day party at Desi's South on the border of Buffalo in West Seneca

sideproject wrote Jan 13/09
Wicked picture by the way.....

sideproject wrote Jan 13/09
Universal Music Showcase FEATURING SIDEPROJECT (taking the stage approx 9:30pm)CLICK THE BANNER FOR DETAILS

Germ wrote Jan 07/09
FUCKIN MIKE BRO WHATS UPPPPPPPPP MOTHER FUCKER? dude im soo fuckin sorry man that i havent been on man i just got outta jail man, long story ill tell you later. Bro fuck th post office man i still havent got shit. Hit me up man. Gimmie yo # again i lost it. Im playin for this band called corpse kin check us out on myspace. hopefull we'll see if we can go to one of ya'lls shows man. Stay metal Bro. Oi!!!

BadDawg69 wrote Jan 01/09
Just in case you missed the show you'll get your chance in two more days. January 3rd at the Town Ballroom. Hope to see you there! Happy New Year!

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