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Bullets In Overdrive

Bullets In Overdrive is a Rock, Pop, Alternative band
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Previously known as Kid Hevy and KJB Agents, the renowned Bullets In Overdrive consists of four kids who grew up loving and living music. Now in their late teens; Jordan, Brandon, Kelsey and Michelle look to take the world by storm, backed by their circle of loyal and loving fans and under the wing of producer Dan Swinimer, who is also the drummer of Jet Black Stare, as they record their upcoming debut album and embark on a series of tour, this 2010.

Having played their first show at the age of 9, and the opportunity to play along side reputable bands such as State of Shock and Hedley, Bullets In Overdrive is known for turning heads and drawing attention–whether it’s through their energetic live shows, or the fact that half of the band is fronted by female rockers, who know how to put on good show. They’ve written hits such as “Make It Right”, or “Hard To Breathe”, which has already been a fan favorite in the snowboarding community. If you would like to be apart of this young band’s success, be sure to check out their shows for a promising BiO experience!


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