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Blame Hoffman

Blame Hoffman is a Funk, Metal, Punk band from Dundas, ON


It was 3 years ago when the seeds of Blame Hoffman were planted, creating the roots of what is now the band. Cole, Zach, Patrick and another friend (who was promptly removed within a few weeks of starting) formed the band. Practicing in the school's music room at lunch, the now trio (Patrick was moved to drums due to previous experience he had) began to write their repetoire. Some of which is still played by the band today. The band kept going, relying on a pretty much 50/50 mix of covers and originals to get by. The band seemed to be going great, but the sound lacked something. Though the trio had excellent communication, it lacked depth, due to the songwriting experience the band had at the time. When highschool came around, the band members all went to different schools, but they didn't let this get in their way. Instead, they seized the opportunity and found themselves a new drummer. The quartet practiced as much as possible and they finally got their first gig worth mentioning. The four were extremely pleased with the progress and promised themselves to practice like mad over that summer. They didn't, and tragedy struck as musical differences tore them apart. Patrick and the drummer went their seperate ways and Cole and Zach went to carry the "Blame Hoffman" project on elsewhere. After almost a year, nothing they tried worked. No one seemed to fit. As an experiment, the two invited Patrick to come jam with them for a while. The original band chemistry that formed the roots had strengthened over time, reigniting the drive that the three have with their music. Cole however, sucks at singing, horribly. Zach and Patrick decided that it was time to take action against Cole's wailing and suggested they find a designated singer. After much desperate searching, the band found a singer. Just in time, too. In two days, they threw together a half-hour set and played a very successful show the following week. However, the band noticed that lack of depth once again. After much thought and discussion, the band reformed and put Patrick back on guitar. Patrick brought in his friend Ori Mesterman on drums from another project that Patrick had. The two abandoned the other project because of the success the band seemed to be having. The singer was later released from the band due to musical differences. They began to focus largely on the musical aspect of their songwriting and began to compose seemingly longer and more complex songs. Drawing on influences such as Rush, Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Dixie Dregs, Tool, etc., the band undoubtedly has been influenced by some very talented and worthy musicians indeed. Though the technical aspect is important to the band, they realize that what truly matters in the music is the structure, melody and emotion within the song.

Band Members

Patrick Newcombe - 6 & 7 String guitars, Keyboard/Piano, Saxophone.
Cole Firth - Guitar
Zach Coles - Bass, nice and simple.
Ori Mesterman - Drums


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GeorgeDoYouGotThis wrote Jun 23/10
Damn, you guys sound just like my band, we went through the same type of shit

billybad wrote Jun 22/10
have a listen to some Opeth, if you haven't already

Blameitonhoffman wrote to midnight-steel Mar 22/10
We're hitting the studio soon, so we should have some stuff up in a month or so...

midnight-steel wrote Mar 21/10
DO you guys have any music you could put on here?
You guys should get a self-titled song.

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