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Black Powder Toys

Black Powder Toys is a Rock, Indie band from Vancouver, BC


Black Powder Toys exploded onto Vancouver?s rock scene in 2004 releasing their first demo with producer Paul Baker and local rock legend, Paul Hyde. 5 years later the established rock act are in studio completing their debut CD? Black Powder Toys. This is it ? a solid line up, strong songs and a burning desire to win the SEEDS! So light the fuse, sit back and enjoy!

Band Members

Who we are:
Clayton Blancard ? BPT?s enigmatic front man, Blancard boasts a potent pitch and a set of knees regarded as almost perfect. The great-great grandson of Pepe Blancard, the infamous New York tailor who, attempting to cut costs, inadvertently invented shorts. Unable to secure a patent, Pepe withdrew from society. It was during this the recluse invented the cue card. When he died, his epitaph was discovered scrawled across a cue card taped to his bedpost: ?Cue cards: for shortening material?. While proud of his cue-card heritage, Blancard eschews them during live performances, insisting on memorizing his material. ?Most of the songs are short,? he says.

??Pete Ryznar ? Found in a Polish sausage field during the spring harvest, this finger-lickin? keyboardist was saved when the farmers realized sausages don?t grow in fields. After milking Ryznar, the farmers quickly set about to grow the rest of the band. Mixing secret blends of proteins with the fertile soil, the seeds of rock seemed firmly planted. Five years later, in what Perestroika Magazine referred to as ?a triumph for all of Poland?, the farmers successfully harvested Kenny G. Ryznar and recently sold his life-rights to Paramount Pictures for an undisclosed sum. His book Pole Planting will be published next fall.??

Matt Pavan - while a baby, assembled his first drum kit with toothpicks, peeled skin and a tube of denture glue. At 12 months, he starred as the Broadway lead in the critically-acclaimed ?Little Drummer Boy?. But fate took center stage when Pavan was injured during a freak drum-soloing accident at a Cultus Lake concert. Forced into waiter work at a Chinese restaurant, he was eventually fired for constantly ripping his shirt off and tossing chopsticks into the crowd. After countless hours of therapy and against all odds, Pavan returned to the drums. He remains one of North America?s premier advocates for soloing safety.

??Tom Lawreszuk ? Tom?s lavish licks could often be heard vibrating right down Kingsway in East Vancouver. The guitarist was born on a bayou and in his spare time enjoys plummeting over Niagara Falls in a barrel marked ?Dangerous Goods?. Raised by nuns, Lawreszuk?s frenetic fingers were often touted as ?divine? and ?inspirational?. By all accounts, they enjoyed his guitar work also. His work on Into the Nunnery: Unplugged was nominated for a Grammy.

?Tom Gourlie ? Gourlie?s a man that knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. Asked to help carry Pavan?s drums into a recent gig, Gourlie said: ?I will not carry your drum kit, Matt. When I got thrown into this band I had a clear understanding with you guys: no drum kits. I'll carry your books, I'll carry a torch, I'll carry a tune, I'll carry on, carry over, carry forward, cash and carry, carry me back to Old Virginia, I'll even 'hari-kari' if you show me how, but I will not carry a drum kit.?


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clashatthecarnival wrote Jan 27/11
Hey there, thank you for being a fan of DROHAN! As you may already know Drohan has been reformatted and is now CLASH AT THE CARNIVAL (hence the new page).

We really appreciated your support of Drohan, and now ask for you to embrace Clash At The Carnival with the same zeal!

Don't forget to check out our new song: "Suicide For Lovebirds" !



Drohan wrote May 17/10
Hi this is Jeremy Butler, the former bass player of Simian Special. As you probably know that band has called it quits.
Now I am rocking my socks off with DROHAN, a new powerhouse out of Vancouver. Please come check out our page, and if you like our sound vote for us daily to win the CFOX SEEDS contest!

The-Personalities wrote Jul 28/09
hey you guys have a sick sound going for ya..anyways reall reason i came to ask ya we need help with this wildcard voting thing , we help you out next time guys just we're close to winning this

- tay

LedZepMir wrote May 26/09
TOP 20 WOW :)

goood lukc on top 10

LedZepMir wrote May 26/09
hey!!! my names miranda guzzoGOOD LUCK
IT will be so killer when you guys rock it !!!

gentlemenprefer wrote May 23/09
I guess there is no "www" in the link I sent you to vote for's just
thanks again,

gentlemenprefer wrote May 23/09
So we made it to the top 20 of Fox Seeds, now we need your help to get into the top 10.
you can vote once a day, vote as much as you can.
thanks again,

Black-Powder-Toys wrote to CRASH------ELECTRIC May 22/09
thanks guys, come over and see us LIVE tomorrow - Sat 23rd, at the Red Room 9:30, nice tunes!

CRASH------ELECTRIC wrote May 22/09
hey guys u internet link isnt working like me u put the http/ before u myspace link just enter www ect. cause the http is twice and wont go to u myspace check it out good tunes

BlackPowder-Toys wrote May 21/09
Add a shout out, comment, whatever lol...

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