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Bavera is a Rock band from Etobicoke, ON


Bavera consists of four senior high school students. Their musical revelry took four introverts and turned them into seasoned stage vets. After only a short time on the music scene Bavera moved from an opening act, to indie headliners. Bavera won the respect of Wakestock main stagers "Port 26", and Disband winners "Futures Past" after playing a packed show at Reilly's. The venue that night was filled to the brim and Bavera shook the foundation with there fast paced sound. Futures past had believe them to be a featured band flown in from Brazil. Never missing an opportunity Bavera's work ethic has got them through snow storms, rainstorms, and even playing an outdoor venue during a thunderstorm. The biggest challenge they now face is not their music, but the medium. They hunger for mainstream attention, wild crowds, and an opportunity to prove themselves on the world stage. The boys from Toronto have struggled to make their name known in the downtown entertainment district. Unique genre bending rhythms and a larger than life stage presence is what Bavera is all about. *Check us out at and add us

Band Members

Enzo Carletti - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Adam Narvali - Rhythm Guitar
Jc Jouvin - Bass, Vocals
Ryan Parcels - Drums


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Bavera wrote to thescenario Apr 18/09
Thanks and yea the show is one of our favourites to play. You guys got a couple of money songs too. Rockin' the Reverb is going to be great. Good Luck.

thescenario wrote Apr 17/09
What up Bavera! The show is a money song!!!

can't wait to rock the reverb with you guys!

good luck guys

The Scenario

Bavera wrote to Feb 25/09
Thanks for the add, you have a really great voice.

sideproject wrote Jan 13/09
Universal Music Showcase FEATURING SIDEPROJECT (taking the stage approx 9:30pm)CLICK THE BANNER FOR DETAILS

Bavera wrote to Chris-Cicchetti Dec 18/08
Hey thanks for the compliments, sorry we didn't back to you sooner we've just been really busy. I think the originals sound better than the cover, but songs sound good nonetheless. It'd be cool to play another show with you guys but for now were taking a little break, there might be a show in January but thats not for sure yet cause were trying to make our set even better. Oh and yea were still working on getting recording done they still haven't gotten back to us.lates,Jc --Bavera

Chris-Cicchetti wrote Dec 13/08
hey guys! good to see you guys are still going strong, its chris from the black market. we just wanted you to check out the songs we had recorded from our set last night at the elmo, i think this was our strongest performance yet, i hope you guys will like our songs and can vote and give us some well- respected feed back (from a band we really respect :) ). Thanks in advance! ps we hope to play a show with you guys soon, some kind of show, you guys are a sikc band it was cool to see you guys at hq lol hope you got that shit straightened out! well liet us know!-chris

Bavera wrote to hussey Nov 30/08
Hey andrew, when we getting are recording time?

CINDYYY wrote Oct 22/08

EverydayLegend wrote Jul 13/08
THANK YOU! We Really do appreciate that! I'm definetly going to hook you up with a show around here when the next one comes up. I haven't forgotten about the friendliest band out of Toronto. This show was actually our safety net in case we didn't win the one on friday. That show is another summer warfare show but this time we're on homeland and have a sold out crowd. We'll be playing down in toronto at the end of august. If you want us to play any shows with you earlier just let us know and we'll see if we can accommodate. Again, Thank you for all the support and kind words! Hope to share the stage soon!-Paul Oniga

Bavera wrote to EverydayLegend Jul 12/08
Hey congrats on the win, knew you were taking it have we'll vote for you guys on the online vote for sure

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