Supernova at the El-Mo, July 25

Ali Malik

Ali Malik works for North By Northeast (NXNE) Music & Film Festival as a Sales from Mississauga, ON and likes Metal, Blues, Folk.
COMPANY North By Northeast (NXNE) Music & Film Festival
AGE 31

About Me

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste...

Greetings! My name is Ali. Some of you might have seen me at just aboot any 2007 Supernova show in Southern Ontario, as I was the dude walking around telling everyone to check out Supernova's BETA site. Now that, it's up and running, I'm glad that I can say that I helped cause a lot of the clicks.

You can still find me at a bunch of Supernova shows, but I now mainly work for NXNE. For those of you that don't know about it, here's a bit aboot it...

• Canada’s #1 showcase for new independent music, where fans can catch great local and international performers at intimate venues
• A film festival where music is the star, with music-related features, documentaries, and shorts
• An industry conference featuring celebrity interviews as well as panels and information exchanges for artists and music-biz professionals

North by Northeast 14 takes over downtown Toronto June 12-15, 2008. For four days and nights on the cusp of summer, NXNE will entertain close to 100,000 people. The Music Festival will showcase over 500 performers on stages at 40 of the city’s coolest clubs.

During the festival, Toronto throws open its heart and its beer fridges to fans from around the world. Bars serve booze till 4 am nightly (yes, four)

There’s a huge variety of music at NXNE: Rock, Garage, Punk, Reggae, DJ, Folk, Hip Hop, Goth, Americana, Dance, Ambient, Metal, Bluegrass, Electronic, Singer-Songwriter, R&B, Acoustic, Alternative and more.

While many NXNE performers have hit the fest’s 40 club stages on their way to major international breakthroughs, other high-profile acts join the fray to help make NXNE essential and eclectic. Festival alumni include Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dinosaur Jr., Feist, The Dears, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Sufjan Stevens, Patrick Watson, Sam Roberts, Billy Talent, Kathleen Edwards, Ron Sexsmith, K’naan, Jason Collett, Sarah Harmer, and Sum 41.


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astorybookmurder wrote Dec 05/08
Heyy dude! Greg from A Storybook Murder just wanted to see how you were doing! Hope things are going well..maybe we can work a show out sometime soon.hope to hear from you soon buddy!Cheers!

Purge wrote Apr 25/08
Hey Ali, I know this is a little late lol but we wanted to thank you for the review you wrote for the Sound Academy show. The past few months have been extremely busy, were at Machine head finishing up our CD and hope to release it sometime in June. Hope everything is going well, talk to you soon man.

Ali wrote to chrisritchiemusik Apr 12/08

I didn't catch ya at the Reverb show, but be sure to sign up to win a $25k Recording Contract and get your CDs stacked at HMV.


Sign up at:

Ali wrote to Catherine Feb 28/08
Kickin' it gangsta, ya know?

Tings are good... workin' for NXNE now... and this Art, Music, Film event that I've been setting up since last Novemeber, is happening this Saturday @ The Tranzac Club by Lee's Palace. It's going to be kick ass... thousands of dollars worth of amazing art will be on display... great bands from acoustic to breakdancing, metal to electro funk.

It'll be like nuthin' else, you should come down, lemme know... it'll be pack, so I'd have to guestlist you. (

Catherine wrote Feb 19/08
Duuuuuuuddddde! What's shakin man....?? :)

MISS wrote Dec 13/07
BeforeTheDawn says:meant. THATS SEXY. not calling you sexy. promise.speaking of sexy.

those angelina lips.

Ali wrote to TheoryAstray Oct 17/07
Flea, Jimi, Dime, and Maynard! What a group!

I wonder what drummer Alex would have said? Bonham? Now that would be one intense group... get Rick Rubin on that shit!

Ali wrote to TheoryAstray Sep 16/07
Thanks, I did. Hope you guys did too. Always a sick show when you guys take the stage.

TheoryAstray wrote Sep 15/07
Hope you made it home ok.

Ali wrote to VirginFestival07 Sep 12/07
Hey Hey,

Well this was my second V-Fest. Seeing that last year I was taken away by my favourite (Jack White and the Raconteurs) alongside with The Strokes, Wolfmother, Sam Roberts, and Lupe Fiasco all within the span of about 6 hours… this years V-Fest has fairly large shoes to fill.

There was a small ordeal that occurred during the day which left me to miss the majority of the acts on Sunday. I arrived on scene during the set of The Killers. I’m not too big on these guys… don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them, although I don’t love them. Let’s just say I tap my feet when their music gets played.

Did anyone see MIA on Saturday? She was one act that I REALLY wanted to see. If anyone caught her set, write a spiel about it!

The band that I was stoaked to see, as well as the majority of Toronto and surrounding areas was The Smashing Pumpkins Reunion! Before I attended the show I thought the reunion was just a pay cheque. Only 50% of the original band was in attendance, James Iha & D’Arcy/Melissa Auf Der Maur had absolutely no relations in the reunion. Another tidbit that had me in the $$$ state of mind was the way Billy Corgan ended the career of the Pumpkins. At the start of this decade, Billy muttered that the Pumpkins were no more b/c the youth of America was more interested in buying Britney Spears and N*Sync albums. At that period of time I lost almost all of my respect for the man. As it was true Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls were outselling The Pumpkins. Much like Kurt Cobain, Billy Corgan committed suicide only instead of ending his own life, he ended the music. While Pearl Jam kept with the vows that they made… to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live… we will not quit

Billy Corgan arrived on stage in true grunge style. With the stripped long-sleeve shirt underneath a t-shirt, the leg warmer socks pulled over his pants and of course… the Fender Stratocaster! I have to say, that the new album is very similar to old Pumpkins with more of a Pink Floyd vibe. Although I was disappointed that “Bullets with Butterfly Wings” was played as one of the first songs. The drums weren’t as pounding and the guitars weren’t as ruthless as it once sounded in my cassette deck 12 years ago. This sure wasn’t the same Pumpkins from 1993, but this is a new chapter in the life of the Pumpkins and more importantly Billy Corgan. I now realize that when he ended the Pumpkins he created Zwan for a different approach in music. Sure it didn’t work, but at least he tried. I’m glad that Billy’s back in his zone and releasing quality music again. But I truly hope that James Iha and Melissa Auf De Mare make an appearance in the upcoming albums from the Smashing Pumpkins.

All-in-all I met some great people, made a good friend and was able to finally yell out ‘intoxicated with the madness / im in love with my sadness’ while the Pumpkins played ‘Zero’. I love watching shows on the Island, being able to see the beautiful skyline of Toronto and being able to rock out on an island during a summers night is simply sublime. Too bad the island has a strict curfew! I hope everyone had a blast, and I hope no one fought over the +1 hour wait for the ferry!

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