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Come and Listen -- I Mean Really Listen .. ..
First 3 songs are magical SMASH Hits ! ! !
::AchroniKA thanks you

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achronika is a Pop, Rock, Metal band from Vancouver, BC and looking for New Fans


Don't get me yet ? Oh well you soon will. This doesn't happen very often for the songwriter and radio is always awaiting the big one. the single song that will surpass the next thing with tremendous truth ,conviction ,and power that has us all humming the song with glee -ha ! Achronika's " Don't Get Me Yet " simmering in the mind and soul of the artist . And finally then -- it comes ,perhaps inspirining a few truely talented musians with real music that lasts ,and is is remembered for times past ,special moments . Now this is good quality muisic not simply the next thing. Their next song is "To Suffer Love" a sultry sxe teaser that rises the blues up out of any fizzing grooving listener. The terrific song by Achronika, " Don't Get Me Yet " , will invite you with energy and stay that will prepare you for music again , Joan Jett to SuperTramp that was some good taste . The Flavour is back with Susan Kovacs ,Len Osanic ,and songwriter Troy Hagerman ! ! AchroniKA ,does that mean time ,chronic ,chronos , with the use of the German 'K' spelling. A is that for anarchy ? Then the other A at the end ,what is that ? Well whatever it is --it's meaning is very quite certainly timely . Perhaps a random act of kindness fom the band ,a group of songwriters that can write a hit once in a while and send it our way thru todays mediums which are many and subject for the next press release . The Viral Video _ .. the music player _ We need investors $ to complete album with more great radio friendly directed songs . New Smash hit song by Achronika, "dont get me yet" Troy Hagerman; keep it simple I'm not stupid sometimes dumb as nails numb as the wind in my sails a belief as naive as the genesis of genius prevails a faith innate in me my hope is eternal as a spring my time revolves with the sun as I fall and haven't yet begun as its all in the wheel that is spun inside the strings of an atom I think too hard though a music in me sings I think too much have much to bring confusion runs with chaos like freedom demons fire in the rain I dance I contemplate, meditate, resuscitate stop- stop my complaint no anger wrath nor hate envy squeezes the fake a thought ends, begin to meditate again nothing then begins with silence fires out flumes gone up with science rises up from me in dieing I'm spirit, fragmented, from a filament of light back to the one whole thing, pure energy bright white a space of all in the dark

Band Members

susan, len, troy, boxer

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lacerda wrote Oct 05/11
Please help us out with your vote :)

stephaniewalker wrote Jun 09/11
Love Avril, yes the unwind tune is very Avril!

ACHRONIKA wrote to corina May 26/11
VANCOUVER CANUCKS 2011 Stanley Cup Final

Hi Corina ! do you get me yet .. try To Suffer Love in that case Corina ..

FireFly wrote Apr 06/11
Hey will you vote for me please.....
there are 3 days left

ACHRONIKA wrote Apr 03/11
Come and Listen -- I Mean Really Listen ??

You will Enjoy Susan's pushy vocal attitude

&edgy appeal W/ Newly mixed down tracks!

We have ourselves a SMASH HIT !

With he wicked song "Dont Get Me Yet" !

You'll get it .. .. ..

Tracks tricked out and -Club `d UP ! !

The first 3 on the playerlist of music are very very

close to finalization and mastered album quality ..

Come and Listen -- I Mean Really Listen ??

hear for your ears I challenge you ! The first

song sung by Susan will guide your mind and

body naturally to the sensational grooving music

that is actually the defining sound for

ROCK `N ROLL . . . You are flying with

AChroniKA fasten your belts and smoke em !

please don't hurt yourself or others; treat the ones near to you with Love grace kindness generousity cars care concern and spiritual Love !

FireFly wrote Apr 03/11
Hey will you vote for me please.....

ACHRONIKA wrote Apr 01/11
AchroniKA Susan Kovacs sings Len Osanic guitars George Kauffman keys Troy Hagerman guitars

Thank you so so much for taking your time to come out to the CFOX SuperNova Vancouver SEEDS Bands Battle, Competition, Listening numerous sessions, Fan taste preference, Contest (curb your smoking to prior to any catered affair please), and Contest of all Vancouver Bands definitively I feel .. and if you like please share spread youtube all your love and valueble listening dearly especially we appreciate that your ears are putting in most of the work .. we say be safe and stay healthy there is no setting eleven ie 11 on your Mp3 volume dial and volume means the space a mass takes in the room more volume more it fills space volume increases mass and pressure and pushes outward often causing explosions so protect your tiny baby earbuds and so carefully do go outside in the greater outer spaces of the Canadian outdoors with big speakers on dollies, set em up with powerage and Krank it , crank your dial past 11 now on that NArrshally 100 W amplifier and blow things up .. primarily speaker cones baby, woo hoo !?

ACHRONIKA wrote to JesusKrysler Mar 31/11
Ahhhh go break a string !

JesusKrysler wrote Mar 31/11
Not really sure what you are trying to say in some sort of greek mysticsm, although it sounds like it implies some sort of negativity. You are the first negative vibe I have encountered in a while. Peace be with you brother and watch your karma...
~ jesus

JesusKrysler wrote Mar 31/11
Not really sure what you are trying to say in some sort of greek mysticsm, although it sounds like it implies some sort of negativity. You are the first negative vibe I have encountered in a while. Peace be with you brother and watch your karma...
~ jesus

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